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24-7 Streaming has mastered the power of Internet technology and the art of communication to give you the most sophisticated applications designed for enterprise-class streaming. Our experience has been successfully deployed within marketing, communications, executive, sales, training, public relations, and investor relations departments. These users have found consistent, measurable results that demonstrate the advantages of Internet broadcasting. Through this experience, we have tailored a "product" line that provides the versatility and functionality your enterprise demands:

Cisco Powered Network

24-7 Streaming - Broadcast: Sometimes, your message delivery mechanism is best suited for a true broadcast format; one-way. We can help you deliver that message as a live, global broadcast enhanced by slides and other features. Broadcast is perfect for seminars, press conferences or live radio where communications are often unidirectional.
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24-7 Streaming - Interactive:
When communication between you and your audience is necessary, 24-7 Streaming - Interactive provides a myriad of enhancements designed for two-way, interactive communications. Features like chat, polling, and Q & A modules provide the ability to take your product marketing seminar or training application to new levels of capability.
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24-7 Streaming - OnDemand: Your content does not always have to be broadcast live to be effective. OnDemand allows your audience to view your message at their convenience, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from anywhere in the world. This highly efficient delivery mechanism may be used for a five-minute promotional video or can be deployed for entire audio/video libraries.
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The enhancements we offer exponentially increase the power, impact, and value of your message. The following enhancements are designed to get the most out of that message:


  • Custom player - Your enterprise's "look and feel" will be mirrored in a custom-designed player.

  • Traffic reports - Our statistical user reports will help you identify and quantify the results of your message.Worldwide Internet Broadcasting Solutions

  • Synchronized slides - Presentation materials can be delivered simultaneously with the presentation - a very powerful tool.

  • Registration engine - Collect valuable information about your prospects, customers, and members into a database for future use and analysis.

  • Polling & testing module - Engage your audience by asking, receiving, and tabulating questions. The perfect tool for focus groups and distance learning.

  • Chat room - Your audience can dialog in real-time, even in multiple languages, creating a sense of inclusion and participation.

  • Authentication - Also known as password protection, authentication allows you to control access to sensitive content.

  • Content indexing - For large amounts of information, indexing will allow your users to access the desired materials quickly and efficiently.

  • Interpretation & transcription - Your message can be quickly and easily converted to other languages and a written document.

  • Synchronized text - Synchronized text functions like closed captioning, allowing participants to read a scrolling text version of the stream.

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